• Kailua Cool

    • Natural Lip Balms
    • Heavenly White Ginger Bubble Bath 16 oz
    • Tropical Hand Sanitizers
    • Lanikai Solid Perfume
    • Lanikai Floral Set
    • Lanikai Botanical Set
    • Tropical Mango Coconut Set
    • Lauhala Twosomes!
    • Lanikai Gift Soaps
    • Lanikai Beach Soap
    • Lanikai Lilikoi~Passion Fruit ‘n Pineapple
    • Fresh Pineapple Soap!
    • Organic Hawaiian Healing Salve
    • Hawaiian Bath Salts
    • Naupaka Coconut Lime Verbena Body Butter 7 oz.
    • Tahitian Gardenia Body Butter 7 oz.
    • Pineapple Coconut Lotion 8.5 oz
  • Kind Words

    "This was the perfect gift for my wife. The gift wrapping was a favorite of the family under the tree during the Christmas season and it was really kind of you to take such good care of us." -Rob Boyle

    "Thank you so much! I recently received some lotion refills and they are amazing! I love your products. Without fail, at least two people will tell me I smell good when I wear your lotion…..because it is the truth! Thanks again!" - LL

    "My favorite place for body care products! Thank you for being one of my first stops when we visit and for shipping products home so I do not run out when away!" -Ann Lang

    "I heard about your products from a friend in Hawaii and I had to try them. The Plumeria Bath Salts are so pretty and they smell amazingly like the flowers I remember so well. My college-aged daughter loved the Pineapple Lilikoi Breeze lotion and she stole my Mango Coconut shampoo to take back to school! Your products are great and I should know… I live in spa country."- Lee Ann Baer, Calistoga CA

    "Thanks for sending me the great Buddha Surf products from your new store. My husband is allergic to practically everything – so it’s great to have chamomile, macnut oil and all the other goodies without the scent. Calling it “Unzented” is hilarious."- Joanne Mateucci, San Mateo, Ca.

    "I am in love with your products! I use Poi Dog on my dogs as well. The only shampoo that doesn’t make them itch! Mahalo and Aloha Nui Loa." -Traci Leigh Campbell

    "I bought the Naupaka products because of the wonderful story of the lovers reunited. But I am ordering more because of the wonderful scent and the smooth feeling I get."- Mary Goodbody, Fairfield, Ct.

    "Aloha ~ I received my package from you this morning ~ so happy & love your products! Mahalo!" -Sara Phillips

    "Lanikai’s body butters… shea and cacao butters , kukui and macadamia nut, avocado and pure vitamin E. Pick any 3! The combo is what makes it great!" -Annie Annis

    "Your Tahitian Gardenia lotion brought my mother and my childhood in Hawaii back to me. Mom used to put fresh flowers in her bra (good idea, isn’t it?) and when I put your lotion on it was like she was in the room. Not to mention that people commented on how good I smelled all day long."- Charla Echlin, Fenton, Michigan

    "My husband gave me your Kamuela Rose body butter with a fresh bouquet of roses and I wanted to let you know that the scent of that delicious cream is truly authentic."-Sherry Luttrell, Gig Harbor WA

    "I don’t think I have ever bought from a nicer group of people or had more beautifully scented Hawaiian lotions and soaps! Both your products and your personnel are the best! Thanks Lanikai Bath & Body for a great experience! I will most certainly be back again and again!" -J. Fidler

    "I just wanted to say Thank You for once again doing a beautiful job on wrapping and sending out all my items! I know that wrapping all these items took time, patience, and great attention to detail! I so appreciate you making your wonderful products even more special and individual! Looking forward to meeting each of you in July! All the best" -Denise Leong-Brattain

    "Gorgeous smells emanate from Lanikai’s storefront. I was lured in because I wanted to eat everything in the store! I hadn’t intended to do any shopping that day; I was just visiting a friend and we’d stepped out for lunch nearby. But I ended up dropping $100 at Lanikai, and I never regretted a penny. And they’ve had a pleased mail-order customer ever since!" -Rachel Whalley

    "Everyone at the KRC (Kailua Racquet Club) loves your peppermint foot scrub and cream, and the handmade Hawaiian soaps are amazing! We’re so glad you opened your store in Kailua – thank you for being part of our community!"- Cynthia Haas, Kailua, Hawaii

    "I thought my brother Tom bought your products for me for Christmas because he is your insurance agent. But it turns out that he is smarter than I thought. The plumeria, Tahitian gardenia and orchid vanilla body butters are fantastic. I had no idea that vanilla really is an orchid! I am going to order more product soon."- Sara Nielsen, Houston, Texas

    "Dear Lanikai Bath and Body: My last order was so terrific and filled with aloha! Everyone loved their gifts and thanks again for the free shipping and wrapping! " -Mahalo, Michele

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