Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil for your Skin {and hair too}

imagesCoconut oil is used in many natural beauty products, and for good reason: It’s naturally antibacterial and antifungal, coconut oil for skin is an excellent moisturizer, it can penetrate hair better than other oils. {We have an abundance of coconut oil in our natural soaps}.

Skin Moisturizer
Great for dry and itchy skin, coconut oil mprove dryness with its antibacterial and emollient properties. Saturated fats prevent moisture loss through the pores giving your skin a healthy, smooth and even complexion.

Stretch Marks Remedy
With its ability to enhance collagen cross-linking and restore lipid barrier function, coconut oil is said to have the ability to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Its beneficial properties of coconut oil, and the empirical data that exists suggests coconut oil can reduce or prevent stretch marks.

Shaving Cream Substitute
Coconut oil can work as great–if not, even better shaving cream. Coconut oil creates a moisturizing layer that protects the skin when applied. And unlike the typical shaving creams or foams it doesn’t cause dryness and won’t leave you with an itchy feel.

Wound Healing
Coconut oil’s ability to increase collagen cross-linking and antioxidant enzyme activity is found to be effective in improve wound healing and can help in the treatment of minor cuts and abrasions.coconutoil_largerev

Insect Repellant
Do insects bother you? Add at least 50 drops of your preferred essential oil to 8 ounces of coconut oil to create your own repellant so you can be free from the worries of insect bites–as well as from the harmful chemicals that are usually found in conventional insect repellants.

Massage Oil
Coconut oil has a mild and nice scent that doesn’t dry out easily, making it a great massage oil. With a few drops of your favourite essential oil, it can bring relief for tired and sore muscles and provide relaxation.

Sunburn Treatment
As previously mentioned, coconut oil has a minimal amount of SPF. so when you feel like you had a bit too much of the sun, just slather some coconut oil to help soothe inflamed skin, minimise redness and rehydrate your skin.

Lauric acid, a substance that is also present in breastmilk is also a component of the coconut oil. It acts as an antibacterial agent to give the skin added protection against potential pathogens. Moreover, it can prevent the worsening of acne due to bactericoconutoilrevisedal infections.

Soothes Dryness
Coconut oil can be used as a body lotion. When you feel that your skin on your elbows, knees and hands is seriously dry, you can find a remedy in coconut oil. Simply rub it in your hands just like the way you use your lotion. Focus on the spots that tend to get drier than the other parts of your body.

Nature’s Hair Conditioner
Coconut oil is incredibly versatile. The natural fat can help fight frizz, protect hair while swimming, and boost any conditioner.


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