Different Types Of Body Butter and Their Advantages

Winter can cause you dry and rough skin. Don’t you ever think of stepping out this winter without applying your favorite body butter! The body butter is the becoming popular as there are many benefits of body butter than just moisturizing your skin. The consistency of body butter is thicker than the lotion. It is not advisable to use body butter to your face it may cause irritation. There are different types of body butter available, you can choose one according to your skin type. Few popular options are Coconut body butter, cocoa body butter, and many more.

Coconut Body Butter

Each type has its own set of qualities. You can read the description below to find the best Body butter for your skin type.

Shea Body Butter
Shea is a fruit that is mostly found in African countries. Shea butter is thick in consistency and remains solid at room temperature. This enables it to make good lip balm, eye balm, and body butter. Shea butter it delivers anti-inflammatory and anti-aging components right into the skin as it contains more fat it becomes easy to penetrate the skin. It helps skin heal faster and reduces the aging effect without being too greasy. Also, there are no strong smell effects; therefore, it is more popular than other body butter on the market.

Mango Body Butter
Mango is definitely a king of the fruits but it has many more qualities than its fruity side. Mango butter is made out of the seed of mangoes. Mango butter is also a good alternative to butter used in cooking. Mango body butter is full of antioxidants and also helps in clearing clogged pores. Mango Butter is useful in lightening scars and improving skin complexion. Curing sunburn and moisturizing skin are the primary benefits of Mango Body Butter.

Coconut Body Butter
Coconut oil is the most beneficial oil of all. Coconut has been used to treat many viral, inflammatory and bacterial diseases. Coconut butter can increase body metabolism and repairs the skin tissue. Coconut is also an amazing moisturizer and wrinkle removal medicine.

Lavender Body Butter
Lavender butter has more of therapy effect on human due to its amazing fragrance. It’s great body butter with its unique quality of relieving stress and anxiety. It relaxes the body and mind with its mild long lasting smell.

Cocoa Body Butter
Cocoa is made from cocoa beans. It is most trusted body butter than other available body butter. It possesses strong emollient property. Cacao butter reduces the stretch marks and scar marks. There is no doubt that cacao butter has a pleasant smell that soothing effect.

Almond Body Butter
Almond is one of the best Body butter. Almond body butter is filled with vitamin E, Calcium, and Magnesium. Almond consists of fatty acids which help in purification of skin cells. Its treats Itchiness and irritation. It relaxes your mind when applied to the skin. Also, it smells good.

Olive Body Butter
Olive is a multi-talented fruit. It has various beneficial properties. Other than cooking purposes, olive is used as a wonderful product in skin care. It’s an amazing moisturizer that works great on the dry and sensitive skin. It protects skin against sun damage. Olive butter is not greasy butter which is easily observed by the skin.

Aloe Vera Body Butter
Aloe Vera is popularly known as a miracle plant throughout the world. The aloe Vera gel is a great antioxidant. It can heal sunburn and reduce skin inflammation. It also repairs skin tissue and cleanses the digestive system. It contains so many minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. It heals skin very effectively.

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  1. Pharmacycenter says:

    I have found that I really like to apply straight shea butter to the sides and soles of my feet in the summertime, especially after a trip to the beach. Sand and water have an extremely drying effect on my feet, to the point they will start to peel from dryness if I let it get to that point. So, I just don’t let that happen anymore. I slather on the shea butter and put socks on for a little while (or sometimes overnight), and it keeps my feet soft and moisturized. Shelf life: 1 year

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