Happy Birthday to (Poi) Dogs Everywhere

Chinese-Horoscope-For-2018This year is the Chinese Year of the Dog.  If you were born in 1958,1979,1982,1994, 2006 or 2018 you are a “Dog.” This year, in fact, is the first Earth Dog year since 1958. According to Asian astrology, “Dogs” born in the Earth Dog year are communicative, serious, and responsible.  If you have a dog, you know that they are also loving, loyal, friendly, and responsive.

All puppies born this year will literally be “Earth” dogs.

Lanikai Bath and Body first celebrated the Year of the Dog in 2006, the year after we opened.  We created an all natural made-for-dogs Mango scented shampoo and named it Poi Dog.  Poi dogs figure prominently in Hawaiian culture.  A breed that is now extinct, it is said that it had influence in spiritual matters with children.  Over time, the name Poi Dog has come to mean an affectionate term for mixed breed or unknown breeds.

Poi Dog Shampoo is popular with visitors and local people alike.  It leaves your dog’s skin clean and its fur soft and fluffy.  All dogs, not just Poi Dogs, love Poi Dog Shampoo.  Made right here on the Windward side of O’ahu, Poi Dog is truly Hawaiian.


P.S.  Every year when he visited Hawai’i, President Obama found his home here in Kailua.  The family brought Sunny and Bo with them, and we made sure that along with Lanikai Bath and Body for the rest of the family, that Sunny and Bo had their very own bottles of Poi Dog Shampoo.

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