Magical Marigold

Lovely sounding Calendula is an ingredient in most all of Lanikai Bath and Body’s products. If you say the word, it rolls off your tongue in a pleasing way. Now say “Marigold.” Because that is what most of us call Calendula.

From Marigold is used as a local remedy. Its action is stimulant and diaphoretic. It is useful in chronic ulcer, varicose veins, etc. Was considered formerly to have much value as an aperient and detergent in visceral obstructions and jaundice. (Does anyone reading this understand these words?)

For our part, we use Calendula’s powers as an astringent, toner and stimulant. In very small amounts, Calendula not only invigorates dry skin, it drys out oily skin. Such is the magic of nature. Calendula is also energizing and activating to the tissue and believed to help increase circulation. Now you know. Next time you are in a field of bright orange flowers that we all take for granted, say to your friend: “Allow me to pick some Calendula.”

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