Our Wonderful Unscented Lotion

LanikaiunscentedlotionI bathe myself in our great unscented lotion whenever I shower, and every night I lather my arms with it.  I use the unscented lotion because my husband’s allergies kick in with any fragrance, alas!  But it is wonderful lotion.

Like our Mango Coconut without the feel of the beach and summer sun tans.  Like our Orchid Vanilla without its mysterious, sophisticated scent.  Like our sweet Kamuela Rose. Like our Coconut Lime Verbena without its crisp fragrance of lime.  Like our Tahitian Gardenia without its romantic, surprising sweetness.  Like our Sandalwood without its smooth, woodsy scent.

It’s not like any of our other lotions but, in fact, it is exactly like our other lotions.

We start with the same base lotion, hand made of natural goodness including kukui and macadamia nut oils.

I use it because of my husband’s allergies.  But there is another good reason to use it.  You have a special perfume that is your signature scent, but want an all natural lotion that is smooth and silky, that nourishes your skin.

At Lanikai Bath and Body, we strive to serve all of our customers’ unique preferences.  All of our products are natural, full of the goodness of Hawaii.  Like macadamia nut oil  Like coconut oil.




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