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Naupaka Coconut Lime Verbena Body Wash 8.5 oz.


A harmonious blend of coconut, lime & verbena. A fresh fragrance that combines the conditioning & moisturizing properties of coconut oil with the natural vitamins in citrus. Moisturize with natural kukui, awapuhi and aloe and the pure-essence of coconut, lime and verbena. Paraben Free.

Did you know
The beautiful Naupaka grows a unique half-flower at the beach and its counterpart in the mountains. There are different versions of the myth that explains the half-flowers of the beach and mountain Naupaka.

One myth holds that Pele’s beautiful sister fell in love with a commoner, and Pele, in her anger, chased him to the sea (in her form as lava) and her sister ran to the mountains, where she thought Pele could not find her. Pele did find her, and killed her as she had killed her sister’s lover. At the beach and in the mountains, the half flowers grew where the lovers died. Some say if you put the flowers together, the lovers will be reunited.


A fresh coconut scent with hints of lime and verbena that will leave you feeling relaxed and fresh all day long. Paraben Free.


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