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Organic Coconut Oil Soap

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Our organic coconut oil soap is one of our most popular items. It is fresh, smooth and creamy. Best of all, our organic coconut oil soap can be used not only on your body, but as a shampoo/conditioner for your hair.

Hawaiians have long known the secret of coconut and that's why coconut oil is used in most all of our products. The benefits of coconut oil are too many to mention. But for our purposes, it is restorative to dry skin and hair. We developed our organic coconut oil soap just for those reasons.


Support our Military with your purchase of Lanikai Bath and Body's all natural premium, soaps.

Your purchase = a matching donation to soldiers here in Hawai`i and overseas.

We'll send your soaps out to you and match your purchase to create care packages of soaps and other personal care items to send to soldiers abroad. 

Our soaps and other personal items will be gifted in Hawai`i too for home comings, squadron use, and more.
Pure Hawaiian water, saponified oils of coconut, palm, soy, olive castor and sweet almond, rosemary seed extract, colorant, fragrance. Handmade with organic and natural ingredients on the island of Oahu, Hawaii Exotic infusions of locally harvested herbs and flowers Soothing Hawaiian oils for daily use and sun kissed skin 100% vegan, sulfate, paraben and phthalate free, no heavy perfumes or alcohols Free of animal ingredients and not tested on animals.