CBD Balms for Fast Pain Relief. THC FREE.

Lanikai's CBD balms were formulated specifically for pain relief and are combined with the soothing benefits of organic coconut oil, Shea butter, beeswax and pure essential oils of Eucalyptus.

Provides nearly instantaneous pain relief. Address pain at the source and rub into affected areas for gentle skin, joint, and muscle relief.  Apply as needed.

2 ounces
700 mg Hemp Derived CBD

1000 mg Hemp Derived CBD

Pure Eucalyptus essential oil
THC Free, Non Psychoactive
Natural + Organic. Chemical Free.


素早く痛みを緩和します。 痛みの元に働きかけ患部に揉み込むことで、お肌にやさしく関節痛、筋肉痛を和らげます。 必要に応じてご使用ください。


700mg ヘンプ由来CBD

1000mg ヘンプ由来CBD



ナチュラル&オーガニック。 ケミカルフリー。