Twin Islands Car Diffuser

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Paradise on the Go with Lanikai!

Now you can enjoy your favorite fragrance in your car with our tropical car diffusers.

Simply hang our twin islands diffuser inside your vehicle {closet, locker, or anywhere in the home!} and enjoy a little bit of paradise. Each car diffuser is made with a natural jute cord, an engraved twin islands wooden top, and a prismatic glass container.

Comes cozied in a Lanikai jute bag.

Refills for your car diffuser 
15ml of fragrance refills your diffuser approximately two times.

Unscrew top wooden cap and remove plastic stopper from glass diffuser. Replace wooden cap and screw back on tight, tip bottle and make a rotating motion to saturate the cap. Remove wooden cap and replace plastic stopper to prevent leaking during use. Keep cord and cap away from surfaces.

CAUTION: To prevent spilling and leaking or over saturation of cord, unscrew the wooden cap and replace the plastic stopper between each saturation.

Over saturation can cause leaking, which can damage surfaces.
If you spill any oil wipe away immediately with a cloth. Read instructions on accompanying card.
Please be careful when refreshing fragrances to prevent leaking or spilling of oil. Remove from car and tighten lid before tipping upside down. Any spillage/leakage onto plastics, vinyl, leather, etc may cause damage. 

Prolonged exposure to high interior (80 degrees+ fahrenheit) temperatures must be avoided.

Lanikai Bath and Body is not liable for damages caused by spilled oil. By purchasing this product you release Lanikai Bath and Body from any liability. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, or clothing.

Lanikai's Signature Fragrances
An alluring blend of jasmine, ylang, frangipani, & tuberose. Subtly embraced by a soft touch of powdery musk, reminiscent of gentle island breezes.

A gentle floral scent inspired by fresh Hawaiian plumeria leis. At its heart lies quintessential plumeria blossoms, intertwined with the sophisticated nuances of gardenia and jasmine.

White Ginger
Reminiscent of the delicate white ginger flowers growing wild on the Pali. Ginger & Gardenia with a touch of Tuberose and Ylang-Ylang.

Experience the essence of Hawaii with Puakenikeni, a smooth blend of island florals and fresh greens. Bright top notes of orange and pineapple are paired seamlessly with the floral heart of pikake, gardenia, tuberose, and a hint of clove.

Tahitian Gardenia
A true Tahitian gardenia (or Tiare) fragrance complimented by a velvety sandalwood musk base note. Wonderfully enhanced with a spicy floral accord and rich tropical pikake jasmine.

Orchid Vanilla
Notes of water orchid dance gracefully with exotic jasmine, creating a blooming tropical bouquet. Undertones of crisp persimmon meld seamlessly with delicate hints of sandalwood.

Cool. Fresh. Orchid flowers with rosewater and heliotrope petals. Warming nuances of vanilla flower, musk and sun soaked amber.

Mango Coconut
Experience the lusciousness of Hawaii’s ripe mangoes with the creamy depth of fresh coconut, transporting you to the sun-kissed shores of Hawaii.

Kailua Coconut
Fresh island coconut paired seamlessly with velvety vanilla, and a hint of amber, orange and Tonka Bean. A perfect summer escape.

Maunawili Falls
Lemon bergamot with rich green tea & floral jasmine blends & violet smoothness.

A sensuous blend of sandalwood, fresh vanilla, crisp cedar and a touch of tropical flowers.