1.3 oz Natural Pocket Mist Sanitizer

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Lanikai Sanitizers are listed as #1 on the list of”Must-Have Hand Sanitizers” by Honolulu Magazine.

Easy carry sanitizers compact enough to keep in your pocket, purse, backpack, gym bag, or TSA-approved carry-on bag.

Our sanitizers are enriched with moisturizing aloe vera that keeps skin from drying out. Fresh, natural and fragrances are heavenly. Gentle on your skin. Created with organic ethanol. No harmful chemicals.

  • Sanitizes & moisturizes skin on contact
  • Aloe Vera keeps skin soft
  • Super Fine Powerful Mist at 70% alcohol; up to 600 spritzes
  • Cleans & Refreshes
  • Long lasting protection against germs & bacteria, kills 99.9% of germs
  • Non Toxic
  • Reusable

How to refill:

1. Place your thumb on the center nozzle of the white cap and your forefinger on the back.
2. Twist white cap counter clockwise to remove. The white cap, with straw will detach.
3. Make sure the rubber ring is still on the base of the straw, this is what prevents it from leaking.
4. Do not refill to top - leave airspace.
5. Make sure your bottle is dry.
6. Replace mister top and straw and turn clockwise
7. Top should snap shut

Lanikai's Signature Fragrances
A gentle floral scent inspired by fresh Hawaiian plumeria leis. At its heart lies quintessential plumeria blossoms, intertwined with the sophisticated nuances of gardenia and jasmine.

An alluring blend of jasmine, ylang, frangipani, & tuberose. Subtly embraced by a soft touch of powdery musk, reminiscent of gentle island breezes.

Cool. Fresh. Orchid flowers with rosewater and heliotrope petals. Warming nuances of vanilla flower, musk and sun soaked amber.

Ruby Red Guava
Experience a refreshing splash of ruby red grapefruit, entwined with Hawaii's lush guava and delicate gardenia. Anchored by white musk and sweetened tonka bean, this scent captures Hawaii's rejuvenating spirit.

Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of Lavender, an essential oil renowned for its calming and relaxing properties; one of the most cherished and sought-after fragrances in the world.

Purified water, moisturizing aloe vera, denatured alcohol, fragrance.