2 oz Natural Sanitizer Mist ~ Holiday Collection

Fragrance :

Our award-winning collection of naturally formulated hand sanitizer in favorite Holiday fragrances. Great as an air freshener too!

The tropical sweetness of Coconut, the festive twirl of Candy Cane, the warm embrace of Holiday Spice, and the gentle caress of Mistletoe. Experience the essence of the holidays, naturally.

Enriched with moisturizing aloe vera that keeps skin from drying out. No harmful chemicals. Created with plant based alcohol.  Gentle on your skin.

  • Sanitizes & moisturizes skin on contact
  • Cleans & Refreshes.
  • Long lasting protection against germs & bacteria
  • Non Toxic
  • Contains 68% alcohol

Mele {mistletoe} captures the magical spirit of Christmas, opening with a gentle whisper of citrus, reminiscent of the season's joyous twinkling lights. It delves into rich, earthy depths, echoing the timeless tranquility of winter's embrace. Anchored by a robust, woody fir balsam base, it evokes the heartwarming essence of Christmastime.

Joy {Coconut Candy Cane} is a chocolatey delight for your senses. Decadent chocolate, coconut and peppermint blended into an irresistible treat. Notes of peppermint and a hint of coconut milk with rich chocolate and creamy vanilla.

Noel {Holiday Spice} wraps you in the cozy warmth of Christmas, blending zesty orange spice aromas, with the fresh, green scents of fir and pine from a twinkling Christmas tree. A festive embrace, further enriched by a deep, earthy smokiness that evokes the comfort of a crackling yule log. The essence of Christmas traditions.


Purified water, moisturizing aloe vera, denatured acohol, fragrance.