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Shop online High quality Lavender Shampoo or Conditioner 8.5 oz. - Lanikai Bath and Body

Lavender Shampoo or Conditioner 8.5 oz.

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Who wouldn’t want to wash their hair under a waterfall? Rich & luxurious. With nourishing plant extracts (including Hawaii’s famous Awapuhi). Our gently cleansing shampoo will leave your hair soft and shiny.

A sensitive companion to Lanikai Bath and Body shampoo, our gentle conditioner leaves your hair manageable even after a day at the beach. Paraben and Sulfate Free.

The essential oil of lavender blended with Hawaii’s healing kukui and macadamia oils provide calming aromatherapy in our shampoos and conditioners.

Delicate and sophisticated. Lavender essential oil Infused with lavender and complimented with floral and musk notes, this classic scent helps relax the mind and body.