Naupaka Bath Salt

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Our bath salt blends healing mineral salts and organic aloe vera to soothe body and soul. Hawaiian sea salt, high in natural mineral content, great for softening your skin. Turn your bath into a spa treatment. Relax and enjoy.

Naupaka, a soft island breeze of luscious fruits & crisp citrus. Zesty lime and verbena with mandarin, muguet & coconut.

Lanikai's Signature Fragrances
Kailua's Naupaka Collection, rooted in the tale of twin blooms—one by the sea, the other in mountains. Featuring lime & verbena, mandarin & Muguet, blended with creamy island coconut.

Hawaiian sea salt, maui turbinado sugar, magnesium sulfate (epsom salts), sarvar mineral salt, hawaiian ogo seaweed, botanical fragrance.