Plumerias: The scent of the Islands

Apr 12 , 2022

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Plumerias: The scent of the Islands

Growing up in Hawai’i I have always had a strong connection to plumeria flowers. From making plumeria leis with my Tutu from her backyard tree to being covered in
them at High School graduation.

These special little flowers always have their way of being at every prominent event.

They don’t call these flowers the scent of the islands for no reason. Almost everywhere you look, there’s a plumeria tree somewhere.

Plumeria Tree

Plumeria flowers are known to represent love and new beginnings. This flower is not only a favorite of mine but kama`aina and visitors as well. These flowers are very unique as they can come in bright pink or soft yellow and white.

Our plumeria collection is a local favorite as it captures the simplicity and natural beauty this flower has to offer.