Shell :

Celebrate the beauty and symbolism of island cultures with our Cowrie Shell Heishi Bracelet. Cowrie shells, small and glossy, have been cherished as currency in island communities around the world. Harvested from warm, shallow coastal waters, these shells are emblematic of wealth, prosperity, fertility, and abundance.

"Pupu Hinu Hinu,"  my shell, my shiny shell, is a cherished Hawaiian lullaby celebrating the beauty of the cowrie shell. This gentle song captures Hawaii's cultural heritage, evoking images of shimmering shells along the shore.

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Bracelet Details:

  • Custom Packaging: Presented on a beautifully descriptive Pupu Hinu Hinu Cowrie Shell card and cozied in a custom Lanikai organza bag, perfect for gifting or treating yourself
  • Beads: Heishi shell beads
  • Centerpiece: Natural cowrie shell
  • Size: Standard size approximately 7 inches

Cowrie and Pupu Hinu Hinu, a Hawai`i Favorite 

Pupu Hinu Hinu" my shell, my shiny shell. The lyrics reflect the deep connection between the Hawaiian people and the sea, symbolizing beauty, wealth, and the nurturing spirit of the islands. It's a timeless ode to Hawaii's natural treasures and traditions.

Watch a favorite Hula song in Hawai`i, Pupu Hinu Hinu by Paula Fuga. Beautiful.