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FAQ's About CBD CBD & Sports Skin Therapy CBD for Pets

What pet health problems does CBD help manage?
CBD has shown benefit for animals in a range of conditions including, but not limited to, inflammatory problems, seizures, pain relief, and anxiety. Using CBD for pet health problems is based on the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The goal of the ECS is to achieve and maintain balance of all processes in the body. This is thought to be the reason CBD may have so many potential benefits.

Keep in mind that every pet’s ECS functions a little bit differently, so CBD may work better for some than others.

Once absorbed by an animal’s body, CBD may play a role in lowering inflammation and relieving pain. While experts are still learning exactly how CBD may relieve pain, it’s believed to affect the ECS and other nerves that are involved in creating pain sensations. More specifically, studies have shown that reducing joint inflammation relieves osteoarthritis aches and pains in pets.

Much like humans, many pets experience anxiety, leading to several troublesome behaviors like urinating inappropriately. CBD is thought to ease nervousness and provide feelings of calm. Experts believe this is because CBD may activate some of the same areas of the brain as serotonin — the hormone that helps us feel happy and relaxed.

CBD has been shown to help with epilepsy in dogs by lowering the frequency of seizures when used in combination with traditional antiseizure medications. Although experts don’t fully understand how CBD treats seizures, it is thought to prevent nerves in the brain from firing too much and lower the number of electrolytes believed to have a role in seizure conditions.

CBD Oil (coming soon!)

Start with 2mg of CBD for every 10 lbs of dog weight.
For cats, start with 3mg of CBD for ever 10 lbs of weight.

CBD Healing Pet Balm

Our Calming and Moisturizing CBD Balm for Pets provides soothing relief for your dog or cat’s dry or inflamed skin, nose, and paws.
CBD Healing Pet Balm Protects and moisturizes skin with all-natural ingredients, great for chapped or cracked paw pads (even chapped noses). Works great for hot spots, eczema, insect bites, and allergic reactions.

Deodorizing Dog Spritz with Calming Lavender Essential Oil

Poi Dog's Deodorizing Spritz naturally conditions and detangles your pooch's coat. Use between baths too, to freshen, condition, and detangle, or as a finishing spray after bathing your dog with Poi Dog shampoo.