Our Jasmine Princess

Nov 10 , 2021

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Our Jasmine Princess

Pikake. In honor of Princess Kai`ulani.

Our beloved Princess Kai`ulani, who lived at `Ainahau, loved both the peacocks that wandered the grounds freely, and the jasmine flower of her favorite tree. She named the flower Pikake, and it has been an island favorite forever.

Today, the grounds of `Ainahau are home to the Princess Kaiulani Hotel, and the Pikake flower is prized for its delicacy and sweet scent. A lei strung with this fragrant white blossom is believed to be a familiar part of the old courtship ritual. The pikake lei is a favorite lei in Hawaiian weddings and the Pikake flower is perfect for our Lanikai Home collection.

About Princess Kai`ulani: Victoria Ka’iulani was born on October 16, 1875 during the reign of King Kalakaua, and was named after England’s Queen Victoria, a long-time friend of the Hawaiian royal family. Her mother was King Kalakaua’s sister Princess Miriam Likelike, while her father was Scottish-born Archibald Cleghorn, a prosperous businessman, horticulturist, and eventual Governor of O’ahu during Queen Lili’uokalani’s reign.

When she was born, Ka’iulani was given an estate in Waikiki by Princess Ruth Keelikolani, the last surviving member of the Kamehamehas. Called Ainahau, the estate was near the ocean and surrounded by trees and flowers. Peacocks strutted amongst the ponds and footpaths. As a child, Ka’iulani spent many hours riding her white pony around the estate.