Wake up and smell the roses!

Jun 18 , 2021

Lanikai Bath and Body

Wake up and smell the roses!

Our rose-infused beauty buys are your skin's new best friend.

June is National Rose Month, so what better time than now to plan your entire beauty regimen around your favorite bouquet of roses?

With over 150 types of roses, a stunning array of shapes and sizes and sizes, it’s no surprise these beautiful blooms get ones attention!

Aside from their allure,  these timeliness beauties are full of beauty benefits.

Beauty Benefits:

  • Rose extracts are high in vitamin C so they help to stimulate collagen. 
  • High in vitamin E so it’s very moisturizing.
  • Organic rose cell extracts fight skin dullness. 
  • The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of rose water and oil can help ease rosacea flare-ups.
  • Heal scars with rose oil. 
  • Sunburn? Mixing sunburn remedies (Aloe Vera and menthol) with super-hydrating rose oil will help further alleviate your painful burn.
The pink rose, commonly grown at Kilauea on Hawaii, has long been known as the "volcano rose" (Loke-o-ka-Iua-Pele). 

Here in Hawaii, Roses can be in continuous bloom in cooler climates of highland communities such as Kula, Maui, Volcano, and Kamuela on the Big Island.

Treat your skin with our rose-infused products, shop our Kameula Rose collection.

“The sugars and natural oils found in rose petals trap moisture in your skin, making your skin look smoother and softer—just like the beautiful rose petals themselves,” write Deepak Chopra, MD,

Believe it or not: Archaeologists have discovered rose fossils that date back 35 million years. Even more shocking, the oldest living rose is 1,000 years old. This impressively enduring rose grows on a wall on the Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany.