Choosing the right body oil is the secret to unlocking the best benefits of body massage

Mar 30 , 2021

Lanikai Bath and Body

Choosing the right body oil is the secret to unlocking the best benefits of body massage

Why oil vs. lotion you ask? 


Cars need to be filled with quality gas and oil, topped off with water in order to run smooth right? Well, our bodies are very similar. We need to stay hydrated, eat healthy,  and drink plenty of fluids so we too,  run to the best of our ability. A healthy regimen fuels us and helps our bodies stay hydrated and moisturized from the outside, in.   


Oil massage can:

  • Improve circulation
  • Relieve pain and swelling in the body, the friction and warmth of oil can activate energy channels which then expand allowing to clear toxins out of the system. 
  • Lubricate joints, tissues and organ linings allowing one to move more freely & gracefully.
  • Help promote relaxation and restorative sleep.
  • Make an invisible film that protects against extremes of climate, environmental pollution, and even sudden changes in air pressure. This is why oil massage before or after air travel is a perfect antidote for jet lag.
  • And so much more!

Clients from around the world purchase our products to incorporate in their spa or at home spa experience and so can you!


Our Organic Coconut OIl for Body and Hair is a product you can incorporate into your daily routine. Coconut oil helps in the healthy growth of your hair and gives a shine to hair strands. Coconut oil is also  great for your skin too and it is rich in antibacterial, anti-aging, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.It is often used to improve stretch marks. 


With these helpful tips from local massage therapist and wellness coach, Cristin Ertel, learn how to give yourself a self-hand massage. 


Cristin uses our Puakenkeni and Lavender oil in her sessions. "The smell is lovely, the product glides seamlessly and is packed with botanicals."


Self-Massage for Tired Hands and Wrists
1. Acknowledge this time as a break. Self-care is about mindfully choosing to step away from multitasking and just focus on yourself. You’ll feel the benefits move to include your mind and your body. 
2. Using your favorite scented oil or lotion, rub a small amount in your palms, tops of hands, and forearms up to your elbows to release the aromatherapy. Move slowly and reconnect to your breathing to activate your relaxation response. 
3. Start by squeezing your forearms while you move your hand in all directions- flexing fingers and hand toward you and away and side to side. Notice areas of tension or stickiness and give them extra squeezes. Move slowly down your forearm toward your hand. Taking time to repeat as necessary. 
4. When you reach you palm, use your opposite thumb to make press small circles into the muscles of your palm. Go slow and try to sink deeper into the fibers as you notice tight areas. Then, hold each finger individually with your opposite thumb pointing toward your knuckles- squeeze each finger as if your pushing toothpaste out toward your knuckles. Repeat on tops and bottoms of fingers.
5. Finish by squeezing the point in between your thumb and pointer finger. Press tiny circles with you opposite thumb and hold in any sore areas. Breathe deeply and mindfully help your joints relax. 
Need to go a little deeper and relieve some pressure? Reach out to Cristin to schedule a wellness experience. .
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