The Magical Noni Fruit

Mar 07 , 2022

Lanikai Bath and Body

The Magical Noni Fruit

Noni grows in shady forests and also on open sandy or rocky shores.  The flowers of Noni are small and quite pretty; the fruit is large and pretty weird looking .. but very good for you, we’re told. 

The fruit is green at first, and then it turns yellow and then white.  It has a strong small and bitter taste. 

Scientifically known as Morinda Citrifola, the noni fruit goes by many names such as Indian mulberry, cheese fruit and great morinda. The bumpy green fruit is native to Polynesia, Tahiti, Fiji and Hawaii as their volcanic soil and climatic conditions are suitable for the tree to flourish. Since its discovery by Polynesians, the noni fruit has been revered for over 2000 years for its incredible benefits it lends to the body. To make noni juice, the fruit is first fermented following which, its pulp is extracted and drained {}.

Noni is most valued for its high vitamin C content.  Noni seed oil is abundant in linoleic acid — which is a useful property for use on the skin in lotions (all of our lotions include Noni), that help with moisture retention and also function as an anti-inflammation element.