Tiare Tahiti-Our Lovely Gardenia

Mar 19 , 2022

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Tiare Tahiti-Our Lovely Gardenia

Fortunately, there are many gardenias in Hawaii’s gardens. One of the loveliest is the Tahitian Gardenia, a favorite flower and a favorite scent.

Traditional and sacred flowers from Tahiti bloom in the Hawaiian islands and is a favorite of kama`aina and visitors alike. Its snowy-white color, as well as its subtle fragrance, may be one of the reasons why the flower is so prized.

Tahitian Gardenia is also known as the Tiare Flower, blooms are commonly used to make leis, worn behind the ear, or placed in a bowl of water to freshen up a room. Tiare is the national flower of Tahiti and one of its biggest export items; it is used in perfumes and other products. The flower is believed to have medicinal value and claimed to relieve migraines, earaches, and other ailments.

The True Language of Flowers in Polynesia

Worn behind your right ear, it means you are single, available.
Worn behind your left ear : you are married, engaged or otherwise taken.
Worn behind both ears : you are married but still available.
Worn backward behind your ear : you are available immediately.

Our Tahitian Gardenia collection is an island favorite. It's a true Tahitian gardenia (or Tiaré) fragrance complimented by a velvety sandalwood musk base note. It's wonderfully enhanced with a spicy floral accord and rich tropical jasmine.

Tahitian Gardenia