Check out this Sea-Sons limited edition Gift Sets

Feb 24 , 2021

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Check out this Sea-Sons limited edition Gift Sets

It’s only fitting that our Natural + Organic Products come carefully
packaged in a sustainable and eco-friendly fashion

Lauhala, lau meaning “leaf” in the Hawaiian language, refers to the leaves of the hala tree.

Groves of the ancient hala tree (Pandanus tectorius) greeted the first Polynesians to paddle ashore here,
but legend says that Pele’s wrath helped spread it about the Islands.

The tree’s stiltlike prop roots and tangle of fallen, spiny-edged leaves snagged the volcano goddess’s canoe
when she landed on the island of Hawai‘i. Enraged, she ripped the tree apart, casting it across the Islands.
The resilient hala took root wherever it landed along Hawaii’s coastlines and lower elevations.

Lauhala from an island’s leeward side is usually lighter from sun exposure.
Lauhala from mauka (mountain) forests is darker.

The dried, fibrous lau (leaves) of the abundant pandanus plant—called hala in Hawaiian—have been woven for centuries
into practical items integral to daily life: baskets, mats and hats, jewelry and boxes.

Lauhala weaving has been in every Hawaiian family since the beginning of time- such an integral part of life that it
was said that you couldn’t move into home without a lauhala floor mat. Families have passed down their own signature style
and the weaver puts a little bit of their individuality into each piece made.

Today, modern tools have made some of the preparation steps easier. One can flatten lau with electric and crank-handle pasta makers,
use spray bottles full of water to make weaving more pliable and clothing irons to create thin and flat strips.

Finding the perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones is just half the battle, let us take care of the wrapping!

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Our Gift Sets are cozied up in a genuine Lauhala box adorned with a sea inspired keepsake ornament.
We make wrapping easy, reusable and sustainable!

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